Gold Medallist inmy Post Graduate diploma in Marketing & Sales Management in the year 1988 from India

Basic Sales Tactics and strategies can better be formulated with the help of extensive experience

Expertise as a Senior National Sales Manager and have the experience of thirty-eight years of selling

Great command on English and am creative & innovative copy-writer for the promotion of Lifestyle-consumer products

Creative blog writing or creative copy-writing-comments to be rendered for the top organisations

Love to be creative and innovative in creating my copy for the consumer products for their enhanced sales

Emphatic in promotion of the pharma products mainly life style

Would like to work for the interpretation of the organisational goals and their vision in my creative Ad writings

I have been leading the field teams at the national levels and the organisational goals and vision can better be interpreted in my creative capacity for the upcoming organisations through my depictions

Even while handling the field I have been a very influencing HR-recruiter also for the big multinational house for which I served before my retirement

Above all would like to give creative and innovative approaches to the Field Forces in the organisational set-ups with the vast experience-I have!!


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